Acil Aşk Aranıyor | Emergency Love | Episode 11

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This is roughly 47-53 of Urdu dubbed Emergency Pyar.


(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 47)

Sinan walks in when Abidin and Nisan are discussing their ‘arrangement’. No, he doesn’t listen but he does ask Abidin to stay out of the hospital.

Mehmut and Ehsan, Abidin’s sidekicks and Hassan’s goons, arrive at the hospital. Abidin acts weird and Sinan smells something fishy. Nisan defends Abidin. Nisan, girl, you shouldn’t.

Ipek cheats and reads Ali’s file so she could diagnose Sabeen’s problem. Murat also finds out about her cheating and puts her on duty. Ali gets to assist

A couple (Ferhat and Maria) had been in a car accident and are both hospitalize. Berzan and Ayla attend to them. They were fighting, as Maria was suspicious of him cheating on her. Ferhat and Maria are wrapped in cast as they clear the air about the jealousy in the relationship. In turn, they teach their doctors a lesson. Ahem!

Nisan finds out the truth about Ehsan and Mehmut. She’s admonishing Abidin that asking him to be her fake boyfriend was her mistake. Just then, Sinan walks in.

A single boy Burhan fell from the balcony and has broke his leg. He wants to leave, because he has promised his girlfriend to fix the sattelite dish for her.

(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 48)

Abidin gets a bonus from Hassan and also convinces him to take him out for dinner with his girlfriend Olga, who seems interested in Abidin. Abidin coincidentally finds that the manager of one of Hassan’s hotel is cheating. It pleases Hassan.

Burhan insists on going back but Sinan doesn’t let him. Sinan also punishes Nisan by asking her to do the x-ray instead of asking a nurse to do the tests. He doesn’t even let Sumaiya or Ayla help Nisan. He is quite miffed with her this time.

Another patient Taimoor who has also broken his leg while fixing the cable for a girl. Ahem, Burhan’s competitor. He is quite a character, seems. Influenced by pop culture.

Ferhat and Maria resolve their differences and it results in a patch up between Berzan and Ayla. Berzan asks Ayla out for dinner and she agrees. Finally, at least one of them is set.

(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 49)

Sinan asks Nisan to stay at the hospital to look after Burhan and Taimoor and talks rudely to her.

Ipek is upset about dealing with office work. Nisan and she get talking. Ipek is health freak and Nisan is freakishly hungry all the time. What a combination!

By the way, Nisan does what she does best – she knows that Ali is interested in Ipek. Ali and Ipek argue a little but later Ali comes back to help Ipek sort out the files. True love!

Abidin tries to open Nisan’s wooden box but fails. At dinner, Abidin flirts with Olga. Hassan tells Abidin about his cruel nature. He still meets Olga in the washroom. Ehsaan sees them together.

(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 50)

Hassan hangs Abidin from rooftop but Abidin tells him that he has a girlfriend.

So, Abidin promises that he will bring Nisan.

Nisan is set out to find the relationship between Burhan and Taimoor. Shabnam likes people who speak English, that is why Taimoor speaks English. Poor chap!

In short, Shabnam seems like a flirt.

Berzan and Ayla are on a date in a bowling alley. A woman flirts with Berzan making Ayla jealous. They are on verge of a cat fight but Berzan interrupts them. I was hoping for a fight.

Abidin comes to get Nisan to save his life. She calls Sinan to seek his permission to leave but he doesn’t pick her call.

Who takes her shift? Ipek.
And what does Sinan do? Comes to hospital to check on Nisan. Damn! You should have looked at Sinan’s expressions when Ipek told him about Abidin.

(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 51)

Nisan tells Hassan that she likes Abidin because of her head injury. Haha, that’s so funny.

Hassan likes Nisan so much that he threatens him to treat Nisan well lest he peels his skin with a potato peeler. OMG! Unique threat!

Ipek falls asleep whilst on duty as Taimoor and Ali chit chat.

The next morning, Sinan yells at her making a big scene. Nisan makes sure that Taimoor and Burhan meet each other and they see Shabnam’s true face.

The nurses drool over Ali and Ipek is jealous AF.

(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 52)

Shabnam comes to the hospital. Taimoor and Burhan both reject Shabnam. Nisan gives a rousing speech. When Sinan wants to appreciate her, she yells at him. Fittoos!

Ipek apologizes to Nisan as well. Cute, she is. She is also jealous that Ali gets to assist Murat. So, she locks both of them in a room.

Berzan finally tells Sinan that Nisan had sought permission from him. Now, Nisan doesn’t give a damn for Sinan’s changed ways.

(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 53)

Hassan offers Abidin to be his partner because she likes Nisan. Now, Nisan has to marry Abidin. Will she get through it?

Sinan finally gets her to listen to him? How? By removing his shirt. His bare chest distracts

But Nisan can’t go there because Hassan visits unannounced to convince her to marry Abidin. Awful, that’s what I feel for Sinan.

Yet again, we see the creep who follows Nisan. This time he is following Sadiya. We still don’t know her relation with Nisan. But she seems like a well-wisher. Sadly, the creep gets inside her building by tailgating. Poor Sadiya!


Well, it is way too long already and it leaves little to add as a parting note. But, I must repeat what I have said earlier. Abidin is one of the reasons I am continuing to watch this drama. Nisan and Sinan’s track is dragging for several episodes. I am kinda bored of it.

I will come back with Bolum 12 review next Tuesday.

Shabana Mukhtar