Ishqiya| Episode 5

Alright, let’s review Ishqiya episode 5.

I have still not put this on Monday radar. Sorry for a day’s delay.

Check out the Cast and Characters before you read the review. It won’t make much sense otherwise. And, you can read previous episodes’ reviews here.


Hamna is crying 8-8 tears when she finds out about Hamza’s accident. Yes, that would be the loose translation of 8-8 aansu rona.

Saman and Khalid are busy creating an emotional scene at the hospital while Rumi is busy setting a cheap and lecherous boy who eyes her at the market. I like this feisty girl. And k can’t help it. There is no other likable character.

If you have thought that Azeem is a nice man, you couldn’t be more wrong. He is a chauvinistic man who believes that it is woman’s prerogative to chance and sacrifice and suffer to make the marriage work. Ouch! Didn’t see that coming.

Hamna is crazy and goes to see Hamza at the hospital and when she comes back home, Siddiqui Sahab is hospitilized.

I like her savage response to Hamza’s friend, though.

The number of flashbacks this drama has will certainly set a new record of some kind.


I hate to do this review, not because this is a bad drama because I had drafted the whole review and lost it for reasons I don’t know.

Having to write the same review with exact same rants isn’t easy.

So long!

Shabana Mukhtar