Ehd-e-Wafa | Episode 25 | A Rousing Finale

I cannot believe this is already happening. Ehd-e-Wafa comes to an end. Those who want to see more of these lovely and relatable characters, raise hands *me, me, me*. 

I wish there is a second season.

Alright, folks,Hello and welcome to TOMU. Let’s review 25th episode of Ehd-e-Wafa. 

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This bumper episode begins with a 14 minutes long recap of all the bittersweet moments of SSG, Gulzar Hussain, Rani, Dua, Rimsha, and Masooma. I like that Gulzar Hussain’s introduction was included in the recap.

So, Rani tells Shahzain to fulfill his promises to repent for his lies.And, then, she breaks her pregnancy news. Watch that scene. It will tickle your funny bones like all Rani Chaudhary scenes do.

Haye, yeh mashriqi ladki. The biggest drama queen.
Sharique and Rimsha visit a school where a young kid has written an essay for Sharique. Guess who is their teacher? Masooma, that’s who.

Being the good friend that he is, Sharique immediately calls Shahryar and insists that Shahryar talks to Masooma. And Shahryar’s reply is as Shahryar as it could be.

تو تو ایسے بے چین ہو رہا ہے جیسے تو معصومہ ہو۔

Dua is posted to Muzaffarabad.

Things happen at lightening speed. The next scene shows Sa’ad and Dua together.

No, wait. That’s not enough.

Sharique is going to cover LOC. Shahzain is appointed as the chairman of Kashmir committee and he is also going to be in Muzaffarabad. Shahryar plans to get himself posted there as well. SSG will be back together.

Question: Is it that easy?

Humayun Saeed makes a cameo appearance as Major Humayun. I think he is HUM TV’s totka, good luck charm, you know.

One may question the need to bring in the political angle, is beyond me. Maybe it was need of the hour. It covered every shit that is going on in India. I guess the talk show host is a jab on Arnab Goswami.

The scene then becomes romantic. Shahryar meets Masooma. Lovely scene –  simple, hilarious and touchy.

Those expressions on Shahryar’s face when Masooma returns his words with interest, OMG.

The drama turns serious again. Sa’ad volunteers to bring in one Jawan who is captured by the Indian army. He achieves his mission but is fatally shot.

Each of the three friends head to the post when they hear about Sa’ad. So do her parents.

Question: Is it that easy? Can they all just abandon their jobs and responsibilties to be with Sa’ad?

Anywho, Shahzain gives his blood for Sa’ad. Immediate next scene shows him conforting Mrs Faraz. Itna jhat-pat banda apne pairon par khada bhi ho gaya.

We knew that Sa’ad will be there in the closing scene and the drama after his hospitilization is predictable yet keeps you weepy till the end.

The scene cuts to Lawrence college, where the four members of SSG revisit to inspire young kids of their Alma mater.

Their speeches cover the very basics and the very essentials that are needed in these difficult times that human race is facing. It felt a little preachy but was certainly needed.


Let me quickly list down what I liked about this drama. I don’t think I hated anything.

  • Shahryar had the best character arc. He is solid, a genuine friend, a genius who can see through crap no matter how well-hidden it is.
  • Sa’ad and Shahzain’s reconciliation scene is very nice.
  • All scenes where Rani openly admits her desires to get married and unabashedly and unashamedly confessions of love for Shahzain always brought smile to my face.
  • I loved, LOVED that Dua remembers her father again in this last episode and recites Ayat Al Kursi.
  • Shahryar meeting Khursheed is the best scene of the entire series, though there are plenty.


This is one of the best dramas I have watched ever since I started watching Pakistani dramas. There should be a season 2, don’t you think?

And, I need some time to absorb it and come back to elaborate this review.

Shabana Mukhtar