Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 4

I am back with my review of third episode of Ehd-e-Wafa. Before we begin, check out the Cast and Characters, 1st episode review2nd episode review and 3rd episode review.

Plot Summary

The episode begins with Lal Khan talking to Shahryar – the only parent-kid conversation that remained to be covered in the previous episode.  

But, they are rusticated anyway; with permission to appear their final exams. Sharique gets a chance to stay. 

We see the first glimpse of Ehd e Wafa where Shahryar and Shahzain taunt Sharique for not standing up for his friend. To which, he responds.

میں فی الحال یہ غیرت کی عیاشیاں افورڈ نہیں کر سکتا۔  

The scene then extends as Saad slaps Shahzain. He is upset with them. Not only did they ditch him, but they also ruined his chances with Dua. There is a light and emotional moment as Khursheed shares the SSG pics with Saad. 

Dua is returning from Murrey, too. 

The scene then changes as we see each member of SSG. Malak and family celebrate Shahzain’s return. Although, Shahzain’s father isn’t happy. Faraz treats Saad like an adult and fabricates a small lie. Ahad looks cute and vulnerable. Shahryar is studying at his house. And Sharique is lonely and upset. 

They appear for their exams. Well, everyone except Shahzain who’s adapted his new life of racing. Unable to accept defeat in the race, he shoots the horse. First of all, did we need that to be shown on screen? It hints that Shahzain has a big ego, just like his grandfather and it will definitely cause more problems in future.

The results are announced. Guess who tops the exams? Shahryar. Saad comes second. We see Vaneeza for the first time. Saad needs to pick between medical and army. Why not arts? Because Dua is also doing medical. Meh!


On a side note, I watched Wahaj ali on Sameena Peerzada show. He is handsome, he has a nice voice and he can talk. I mean, most of the actors can communicate well in English. The ones with good command over Urdu impress me the most. And Wahaj is one of them. I look forward to see him more often.

The episode ends with a hint of a tiff between Malaks and Chaudharys. And, the teaser for the fifth episode shows Shahzain wanting to marry Dua. I told you he has a big ego.

Damn, I can’t wait for the next episode.