Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 5

I am back with my review of third episode of Ehd-e-Wafa. Before we begin, check out the Cast and Characters and previous episodes.

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Plot Summary

Chaudharys aren’t much different from Malak. Baday Malak and Shahzain visit the Chaudharys. We hear two different sides of the same story and Shahzain jumps in to settle things. Wah!

Saad changes his mind and now he will join, because Dua refused to apply to that college. True love, isn’t it?

Shahzain tries too hard to become the part, and he impresses the Chaudharys and his own grandfather.

The best scene is when Rani sees Shahzain and falls for him, IMMEDIATELY.

بھلا ہیرو بھی غسل خانے جاتا ہے؟ میرا ہیرا تو غسل خاے سے انٹری کر ہی نہیں سکتا۔

Malak wants Shahzain to marry Rani. And, Shahzain wants to marry Dua. Let’s see how that turns.

Shahzain visits Pindi to see Shahryar. Before going to Lahore to meet Sharique, they stop by at Saad’s place. I don’t understand why Saad is so upset. He was at fault, too, right?

When Shahzain and Shahryar come back, Lal Khan sends Shahryar to house and tells Shahzain to leave Shahryar alone.


کاش یہ تیری غیرت کا نہیں، محبت کا معاملہ ہوتا۔



The recap annoys me, so much, I can’t even tell.

How easily they take decisions on behalf of others. And just as easily talk about “kill as many men as you want. Just don’t kill me.”

Saad feels lonely, succumbs to the temptation and watches the photographs that Khursheed had given. The photos are nostalgic (even though it has been only 4 episodes).

I agree with Shahzain. Saad gave up on them and their friendship of two year – OVER A GIRL.

I loved that they’re sitting so obediently.

OB is a terrific performer. Look at him – he’s arrogant and vulnerable at the same time.

I am gradually liking the OST, too.

Damn, I can’t wait for the next episode. What do others’ feel about this episode? Please leave a comment.

Shabana Mukhtar