Ehd-e-Wafa 8 |What is Happening?

I am back with my review of eigth episode of Ehd-e-Wafa. Before we begin, check out the Cast and Characters and previous episodes.

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So, the episode continues as Dua tells Saad about his proposal. Saad assumes that his mother has talked to Dua’s family. Poor chap!

As Shahryar is returning from Lari adda, he spots Saad. Being a good friend, he stops to talk to him.

اپنی انا کا مسئلہ بنا کر تو نے اچھی خاصی دوستی ختم کر دی۔

The two talk bitterly and end up strangling each other.

Nah, that was just Shahryar’s imagination.
Saad simply smiles, his cute usual smile and accepts his ride. Saad is a changed man. He wants to meet his friends again.

So, Shahryar calls Shahzain, a man with bruised ego. So, he tells what we already know – that he is marrying Dua. Not so fast, my friend, they have not agreed yet.

Shahryar tries to lie to Saad that he doesn’t have Shahzain’s contact number. But Saad wants to meet them in person. 

Shahryar’s cousin Masooma is about to come and live with them. I sense a romantic angle with Shahryar. Yes, Indeed.

میں پریشان ہو گئی تھی۔ مجھے لگا  آپ بھی پریشان ہیں۔ آپ ہی شہریار ہوں گے۔

In the banter of his friend, Sharique gets an idea. He goes on to shoot a video with drug addicts, but is captured by a don. They have been beaten and repeatedly enquired for their whereabouts. If they don’t tell the truth, there are hungry lions. In the dead of the night, Sharique and his friend run away.

But, his sister is clever enough to know it is not road accident but beating of some sort.

Hajra Yamin is a reporter named Rimsha who lives in Lahore. So, Sharique also has a ‘match’.

Gulzar Hussain is still at PMA practicing his march. His senior talks to him but before that he also tells him backstory. A really heartwarming story that tells that army doesn’t encourage nepotism, if the term applies here. This is the best part of today’s episode.

Now, let’s come to the best character of the series – Rani Chaudhary. She has cleared her exams. Her dance, omg!


Asim, Ali Zafar and Sahir Ali Bagga’s vocal together make this OST really endearing, like Zindagi Gulzar Hai track. 

Ahmed Ali Akbar does a nice accent, whatever accent that is. 

Thankfully, this episode all four friends, again. I am reviewing 6 dramas at the moment but this is the one I really wait for. For Alif and Deewar-e-Shab, I pretty much know the story as both are based on novel. Yeh Dil Mera is not something I haven’t read before. Daasi is interesting if it wasn’t so slow. Mere Paas Tum Ho is also intriguing, comes second when it comes to waiting.

What do you feel about this episode?

Shabana Mukhtar