Ghisi Piti Mohabbat | Episode 10 | ARY Digital

Episode 10 of Ghisi Piti Mohabbat is here. Let’s review it.

Khalil is nothing short of an old aunt who makes stories of own to make things difficult for Samia. When he sees the pictures he secretly clicked, we hear romantic music. Argh! Romanticising the wrong… 

Khalil isn’t just flirting with Samia. He’s a flirt in general, even with the housemaids. Farkhanda knows this as well. I don’t have a good feeling about how this drama is turning out to be.

We hear a nice little speech from Samia as she probes Rizwan to tell the truth. He admits to stealing the gold for another woman! Isn’t that too simple? I mean…I didn’t expect this to happen so quick.  One fight, two arguments and Samia asks for a divorce. Damn!

One more phone conversation later, he says the words three times. Why is he so upset? I fail to understand. He didn’t love her, did he? The very next moment he learns the truth about Noor. Too much, too soon!

Loved the last scene! Absolutely loved it.

Until next review, stay safe!

Shabana Mukhtar