Ghisi Piti Mohabbat | Episode 13 | ARY Digital

Episode 13 of Ghisi Piti Mohabbat is here. Let’s review it.

Khalil talks shit about Fareeda, asking for her hand in marriage, even though Anwar is still alive. As Asmara tries to intervene but both Khalil and Anwar shut her up. Samia is still locked in her room. Anwar tries to calm them down. 

Tanveer convinces Anwar that Khalil’s proposal is acceptable. 

When the matters resolve, the whole family enjoys the sweets that Khalil has brought. Oh, by the way, Asmara had adjusted to her fate and ready to marry Shoaib. 

Fareeda and family’s perspective makes me cringe. Fareeda’s monologue focuses entirely on one fact – her daughters should not marry and earn a living for them. Wow! I have never seen such parents. 

At the restaurant, Samia learns that Faisal is interested in her and that his mother has passed away. 

Back at Khalil’s house, he’s flirting with the new maid. As of now, she refuses to accept the money she offers. The very next day, he learns that the maid has a child. Bas, he fires her.

The best scene is when Tashi hits an old man who’s chasing her. Like Tashi!

This drama gives me headache.

Shabana Mukhtar