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It is time to review episode 14 of Ghisi Piti Mohabbat. 

Tashi beats up an old man who behaves inappropriately. It encourages Samia to take a stand as well. Anwar and Fareeda are showing attitude to Samia for no fault of hers. I don’t understand their reason. They are hell bent on marrying her to Khalil. Frustrated, Samia proposes to Faisal. He rejects just as easily as she proposes him. 


Shoaib and Asmara get married any their wedding night is oh-so-funny. Asmara’s mother-in-law is also very nice. I wanted to see more of them but more footage is given to Khalil and Samia. 


Talking of Samia and Khalil, Khalil meets Samia who is now thinking of playing a game – the marriage game. On her terms. Will he keep his end of promise? I doubt. But like Samia, I am willing to give him another chance. 


The rest of the episode is spent in revisiting the same old topics – Samia’s take of second and subsequent marriages, Tashi’s karate classes and Asmara’s struggle with Shoaib’s bad breath. Not much happened in this episode, I would say.


Until next episode, stay safe, and do read my story Once Upon a Crush. 

Shabana Mukhtar

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