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It is time to review episode 21 of Ghisi Piti Mohabbat. 

Amtul and Samia are off to a good start. Amtul tries to tell Samia that she would not last long with Basharat. I like how Samia handles herself.  Many people can think of savage replies. Very few say it aloud. I don’t much care about Samia’s bold ways. But just this once, I like her.

Sadly, all her ferocity yields no results because Basharat is still gaga over Amtul. Amtul does not have best intentions at heart, by the way. If there is anyone else who understands this apart from Samia, it is Salman. He tells his mother, “are you competing with Samia chachi?”

Long story short, Amtul also comes to Samia’s house. Amtul and Basharat run a commentary on every dish, basically rant about everything. Samia and her family feel awful, of course.

That expression on Samia’s face breaks my heart a little. It is very rare that I like Ramsha’s acting. This is the first time, I guess. No woman can share her husband. Amtul is sort of stealing Basharat’s attention, no?

Phupo is doing well with her acting stint on social media (I am assuming it is Instagram). So much, that she is now invited on a channel for an interview. Bhai waah! People even gather around her house. This is the writer’s attempt to show how people behave towards anyone moderately famous.

The best scene was when Salman confronts Amtul about her ‘plan’ about Basharat. Very bold move, indeed, that a son confronts with his mother. Does Amtul feel bad? No. Instead she threatens him. Salman leaves, saying, “I should die.”

And, he does.

Amtul and Samia are doing tu-tu-main-main again, when they hear the news. I like the whole subplot, but I fail to understand its significance in the overarching story. Will Basharat marry Amtul and leave Samia? I think so.

Oh, and by the way, there was no scenes about Shoaib and Asmara, missed them

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