Ghisi Piti Mohabbat | Episode 22 | ARY Digital

It is time to review episode 22 of Ghisi Piti Mohabbat. 

Asmara likes Shoaib but Shoaib is ready to divorce Asmara; Rubeena seeks help from a doctor for Shoaib’s little problem. Shoaib is annoyed by the proposition but I bet he will concede. What do you think? 

Asmara’s little speech and love confession fixes things much better. Shoaib is not mad at Asmara. Progress… I like it. I like Abul Hassan. 

Amtul is devastated by the news. She is denial. Our Samia is arrogant when needed but she is not mean. She sits with Amtul, sympathize with her. She has two issues to deal with – the saddening death of Salman, to see her husband so devastated, and to see her husband hugging and being vulnerable with Amtul, another woman. 

I get his angle. He used to be angry with Salman all the time. See, this is what I ask from people. Don’t do things that you would regret later. For instance, if you say something mean to your sister and she passes away, you will forever be guilty that she went with that hurt. Wouldn’t you? Sadly, the few people I target this to, are not reading this. But whoever is reading is, please don’t say anything that you will regret later.

I also agree with Samia’s point of view. Life doesn’t end when someone dies.  Life moves on. By the way, this sudden shift is Basharat’s attitude is unexplained. Those who agree, raise your hands. Samia even says so: “Yun achanak beyta’lluk mat ho jaya karo.”

One thing that I like about this is, Samia is trying hard to sustain this marriage. She is sweet, she is caring, she is shameless when showing her love for her husband. 

Basharat, on the other hand, is suddenly distant. 

Ali Abbas has stolen the limelight yet again, especially when he breaks down for Salman. But I must admire Ramsha Khan’s performance. That devastated and shocked look was perfect. She isn’t that bad. 

Spoiler alert, but this episode ends as Basharat tells he wants to marry Amtul. Not in as many words but hey, we are smart readers.  

Shabana Mukhtar