Ishqiya | Episode 20

Time to review the latest episode of Ishqiya – episode 20 that aired on June 15, 2020.

Check out the Cast and Characters before you read the review. It won’t make much sense otherwise. And, you can read previous episodes’ reviews here.


So, the couple of couple returns from honeymoon. Hamna is her usual sullen mood and a million flashbacks remind her of her past with Hamza and Azeem.

Rumi has other issues – Mr Siddiqui. This girl is focused, no? I mean, true daughter. It also made me realize one thing. If you live an ideal life without anything to hide from your family, you have time for your family. If you are involved in extracurricular activities, then despite your good intentions, you cannot focus on your loved ones.

Look at me digressing from the topic. As I was saying, Rumi and Hamza head home as nobody is picking her call. The house is locked, so they go to hospital.

“I will trust Hamna.” Remember that line? Azeem said that. So, Hamna finally decides to tell the truth. The confession takes an eternity as the camera pans from one sulking face to the other. Despite his promise to understand the situation, Azeem loses his mind. Bro, you said you would trust her. Jhoot thha?

But he cannot be angry for long because they find about Siddiqui Sahab.

At hospital, Hamza consoles Rumi and she hugs him, confusing him. He doesn’t want a thing with Rumi, right. But her pure love for him begins to affect him.

When Hamna and Azeem reach hospital, Hamna breaks down. Not because of her father, but because of the fear she is now living with – will Azeem understand?

Azeem doesn’t say a word to Hamza, which is enough to inform him that he knows.

Hania and Gauhar Rasheed both acted well in this episode. And, that one scene when Hamza is confused as Rumi hugs him, was also nice. Well done, Feroz. In fact, if he’s in good mood, he looks quite dashing. Lekin har waqt sada hua hota hai.

PS: Revised and detailed on request by Ayesha.

Shabana Mukhtar


  1. So, basically you want me to suffer the loud music and drama. Very clever girl 😀

  2. Hmmm, I never noticed. Perhaps it is short because I have lost interest in this drama. Haha!

  3. Ayesha says:

    I felt some of your reviews are incomplete…correct me if I am wrong. For eg. I felt the review of Ishqiya episode 20 was incomplete…it would be good if you could little bit elaborate your reviews. Sometimes I don’t like to watch complete episode and just read reviews and try to get the gist of the episode…So happy writing…people like me will be waiting for it 😄

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