Ishqiya| Episode 24

Let’s review episode 24 of Ishqiya. I know, 5 days too late; but can you blame me? This drama is like noise-noise-noise.

So, Hamna is all bold and strong in front of Hamza.

“Do whatever you have to do; I got nothing to lose,” she says.

This bravado doesn’t go unnoticed by Azeem. Azeem is happy about it but doesn’t show it.

Now, Azeem and Hamna both are too strong and Hamza has to be on back foot. For some reason, now they want Rumi to be separated from Hamza. Kyu bhai? Let them live their life.

Azeem and Hamza’s tiff is very obvious for all to notice. Hamza wants it to be over; but Azeem and Hamna want war, WAR. Hamza says that he loves Rumi. Hamza dares him to tell Rumi the truth. And, he says, “hau, lagech (yes, right away).”

“I will tell her everything,” Hamza promises.

Will this confession end everything? I guess, because the story is predictable AF. Rumi is pregnant, the most expected event in this case.

There is one tiny problem though – Rumi does not forgive so easily. Read more about her anger issues.

Check out the Cast and Characters before you read the review. It won’t make much sense otherwise. And, you can read previous episodes’ reviews here.

But, I guess, two episodes will suffice to clear all the mess.

Alright, so long. Saturday’s over!

Shabana Mukhtar