Dilruba | Episode 17

The latest episode of Dilruba (episode 17, aired on July 18, 2020) is out.

Natasha insists that Khurram should take her to his house, as his wife. On the other hand,

There is another man Fawad who’s texting Sanam. Daniyal passes away, as I had anticipated in episode 14 here.

Daniyal is also leaving. “Achanak hi sab kaam karta hoon main.” Will he die also, suddenly? Just wondering.

Khurram, ahem, brings his new wife while women are reciting Quran for Daniyal. What drama at a funeral. Argh!

Anywho, thanks to Daniyal’s foresighted decision, the house is in Sanam’s name and she kicks them out. Now, Natasha is all riled up. “I will teach her a lesson. Don’t go to that house.”

Arslan has visited just to surprise. Hammad and Arslan, the two hot-headed men decide that Sanam should come back. Sanam refuses to go and Arslan breaks all ties with her. Dramaaaa!!!

Sharafat is only a servant on the surface but he suggests Khurram to convince Sanam and bring Natasha home. On the other hand, he tells Sanam that Natasha is temporary.

Daniyal’s will also leaves almost nothing to Khurram. House for Sanam, factory for Khurram (but cannot be sold), 5 crores in bank, 50K monthly expense for Sanam and no cash for Khurram.

This is the best will ever! That’s where the episode ends.

Oh, and I just learned via one of the many YouTube channels I follow (CBA Comics By Arslan, check it out) that Hania Amir and Asim Azhar have broken up. Borrowing my two-year-old niece’s reaction to various things, “haw!”

Let’s see what the next episode brings.

Shabana Mukhtar