Ishqiya | Episode 3

Check out the Cast and Characters before you read the review. It won’t make much sense otherwise.


The episode begins as Azeem comes home. Mr and Mrs Siddiqui are both flustered at the sudden arrival of future son-in-law.

I like how Rumi goes extra mile to arrange Hamna and Azeem’s meeting. Poor girl didn’t know that Hamna’s heart lies elsewhere.

Azeem tells her about himself, and his family as Hamna sits there like a statue. I must confess, Hamna’s expressionless facing is annoying me.

Pycho majnoo Hamza calls Hamna repeatedly but she aint picking his calls.

So, she’s married to Azeem and her expressions haven’t changed much. She is hesitant to break the news to Hamza.

Hamza’s parents are not much different. His mother wants him to marry Alishaba, the only daughter of their business partner. Hamza calls it a business deal and flatly refuses to marry her. His otherwise cool father warns him to talk nicely to his mother. Thank you, uncle. Someone needs to set him straight.

Hamza is restless. He sends Hamna’s friend to find about her well-being. Sweet, not! Obsessive lover…

Azeem takes Hamna out for dinner and tells her: “We have to forget our past and move on.”

Why? Does he know that Hamna’s love interest?

Parting Thoughts


Why does Rumi address her father as Siddiqui Sahab?

What’s with the loud mysterious music when Hamza appears on screen?

Background music should be less. It is annoying and distracting.

That’s the review. I will see you in next post.


Shabana Mukhtar