Acil Aşk Aranıyor | Emergency Love | Episode 9

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This episode is roughly covered in Urdu episodes 34-40.


Trapped in the elevator, Sinan comforts Nisan but loses her locket when the power is back on.

Nisan is still upset with Sinan and Abidin continues to act like a lovestruck man, adding to Sinan’s fury. He isn’t talkative when he’s around Nisan. He also talks to himself. By the way, as one would have expected, he has a lot of debt (10000 euro) and is hiding in Istanbul. I also suspect that he’d steal from Nisan. Just a guess.

Ayla is tutoring Nisan for wooing Sinan. What a nice sister-in-law to have.

Today’s weird patient is an elderly man who sleeps anywhere. Nisan admits her, butters him up and barges in during the conference to ask Sinan’s opinion. Sinan doesn’t like it. Who would?

Not once, twice. Even Murat is pissed of at her irresponsible behaviour. The same thing happens a million times (Nisan gets Sinan to the room only to find that the patient is missing again).. It gets annoying and at the end she also fails to do the right diagnosis. Burn!

Nisan finally finds the old man sleeping in the corner of the room while Sinan is worried and trying to search her locket. Awnnn!

Ayla runs into a young man who thinks of himself as a ninja. She asks him to kick Berzan, just for fun. I love it.

Sadiya visits Murat at the hospital. She doesn’t seem genuine. She may have an ulterior motive, and it may have to do with Nisan. It is just a hunch. Let’s wait and watch.

Murat, Nisan, Ayla and Abidin are out for lunch and Abidin is ranting as usual. He starts to sing praises for Murat, and in turn himself. That’s a rather funny scene. Thank goodness for Abidin. He brings pure comedy. He’s perfect match for Nisan’s annoying behaviour.

He borrows 300 bucks from Nisan and goes to gamble, hoping to turn the money to 30-35 millions. He loses instead, as one would assume. How else would it be hilarious?

He plans to take everyone out to a karaoke club so Ilmi the club owner’s business would grow and Ilmi would be the guarantor for Abidin for his business deal. Ayla gets Sinan’s clothes for Abidin, because Abidin’s clothes are just as weird as he is.

Abidin flirts like there is no tomorrow and it has the desires effects on Sinan. The karaoke night goes rather well. Sinan recognizes his clothes. Ilmi invites Sinan to sing a karaoke song and Sinan sings the song. Cute, he is!

Berzan and Ayla also clear the misunderstanding. I mean, Berzan knows the truth but now Ayla is upset.

Nisan has a stalker, wonder who he is.

Abidin is looking for a job and meets a don. He offers to do anything for the don. We can only imagine how terribly this plot line will end. Or maybe it will add more comical situations.

Sinan is about to give Nisan the locket but one seriously ill woman comes to the hospital putting the lovebirds under quarantine. During the quarantine, they reminisce their bitter and sweet moments and things are sorted. Sinan gives her the locket, even helps her put it on. They are about to kiss. The episode ends there.

They will kiss this time, for sure. 9 episode of build-up will end now. Or not. Let’s wait for next episode.

Shabana Mukhtar


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