İlişki Durumu: Karışık | Episode 12

Alright, let’s begin with review of İlişki Durumu: Karışık – Bolum 12. For the cast and characters and reviews of previous episodes, read here. Let’s get started.

This episode roughly transaltes to episode 30-32 of Main Ayeshagul (Urdu dubbed).


(Main Ayeshagul Urdu Episode 30)

Can confesses that he is happy with Aysegul and forgets about Elif and that he wants to be with her. Awnnn!

At the same time, he tells her that he has to move in with Elif. Rose falls.

Aysegul is alone at the house and a thief breaks in the house and kicks his ass thinking it is Can sneaking around. Whatta gal! Later, she freaks out fearing she has killed the thief. A hilarious montage shows her imagined life in prison. These imagined scenes are always very funny.

Aysegul goes to the police station to report it, and calls Murat. While Murat is consoling her, Can returns home.

Can is house hunting and Ismail is looking for a security man. Guess who shows up for interview? The man who broke into Aysegul’s house.

Can seems double minded. When he is with Ayeshe Gul he says things like ‘i don’t want to lose you’ and ‘i want to live with you’. But then he goes to Elif and asserts his commitment for her. What’s with that? The man is so confused.

(Main Ayeshagul Urdu Episode 31)

Madiha and Ismail interview-slash-investigate the security guard candidate aka the thief.

Handan blames all of Can’s impulsive decisions on Aysegul. Can is infuriated, and further upset that Elif has selected a house for him.

Aysegul vents out her furstration in front of Murat. Poor girl, she’s so heartbroken that she gets drunk. Can is home. A drunk Aysegul declares that she would like to continue to live with him forever before passing out.

The next morning, she is hungover and Can yells at her for no reason, forces her to scrub the dishes, clothes and clean the house, AGAIN. This is his attempt to push her away from him. In the end, both are upset.

Things get worse for him as he is eliminated from a TV series and some commercial ads. Efe offers that Can should work with him instead. Back at home, Ece is nagging Aysegul about Murat. This couple is crazy, Efe and Ece, I mean.

The thief turned security guard Younus ties Ismail and Madiha; steals jewellery and runs away. Tehsin comes home to see his father and wife tied with ropes. Aysegul, who is coming to visit Ismail saves the day by catching him.

(Main Ayeshagul Urdu Episode 32)

Can tells Aysegul that the contract does not matter to him anymore.

Aysegul figures out that the security code is their wedding date. Awnnn! Does that change Can’s behaviour towards her? No. He is being mean to her for no reason and humilaites her again. Heartbroken Aysegul plans a dinner date with Murat.

Disaster is on its way as the two supposed couple go to same restaurant for dinner. While Murat is being a gentleman, Can humiliates Aysegul every second, for her mannerism and her writing. Murat chooses that very moment to announce that the script is being worked on and can has signed the contract, the contract that binds him for two years.
Murat has agreed to produce the film just so can’s career does not get ruined and Aysegul can take divorce.

Incidentally both couples are at the same restaurant for dinner and things get bitter. Can talks shit with Murat and Aysegul. But Murat has the last say. He tells can that Aysegul is writing the script. Say what?


This drama gets me hooked after every episode. I just feel that Elif and Murat should be kicked out of this story soon.

Shabana Mukhtar