İlişki Durumu: Karışık | Episode 13

Alright, let’s begin with review of İlişki Durumu: Karışık – Bolum 13. For the cast and characters and reviews of previous episodes, read here. Let’s get started.

This episode roughly transaltes to episode 32-34 of Main Ayeshagul (Urdu dubbed).


(Main Ayeshagul Urdu Episode 32)

So, why did Murat hire Can for the movie?

Because Ayesgul talked about Can’s unstable career. He did it for her, just so Can’s career gets another chance and her own career gets kickstarted.

Wow! What a man!

He drops her home and offers her to tag alone on his trip to Paris.

Efe and Ece fight again, as Efe sides with Can and Ece still wants Aysegul to be with Murat.

Elif waits for Murat and talks gibberish – something about Aysegul and Can and Murat. That woman needs

Aysegul finds a cute puppy and Can yells at her again. But the next morning, things get normal as Can is scared of the puppy.

(Main Ayeshagul Urdu Episode 33)

The puppy bites Can’s fingers. Can accuses Aysegul and Murat of conspiring against him. Later, he plays pranks on her, forces her to feed him. He is all sweet and friendly again, just like old times. How confused is he?

The dog Kopek is missing. Can and Aysegul search for the dog. It is a funny scene. Also, the

Efe is on team can and Ece is on team Murat. they both try to being Aysegul closer to their favourite handsome man. Back at home, Ece is looking for Aysegul’s passport so she can go to Paris. What a nosy person she is!

I like how Handan handles Can. She knows how to shut him  up.

Elif comes to Can’s place. Aysegul’s is angry and we see another imagined sequence that shows Aysegul, Can and Elif in future where Aysegul is treated poorly. Fun scene!

(Main Ayeshagul Urdu Episode 34)

Tehsin and Ismail have become Aysegul’s fan which infuriates Madiha. She vows to show Aysegul’s true face and invites her for dinner. What does she do? She makes fun of Aysegul’s apetite, and gifts her a dress in XS size. Can arrives later to pick her up. He is all worked up because Elif has lied to him about how Aysegul has kicked her out. On the ride home, he vents out his anger on Aysegul and asks her to apologize to Elif. Upset with his accusations, she gets down from his card, in the middle of nowhere.

She goes to Ece’s house. Her breakdown will make you tear up, so beware. Efe and Ece are being nice friends, for once. Murat has gotten the visa, thanks to Ece’s meddling.

Can takes a stroll and goes to the bay area. He meets an old sailor who gives him wise advice in simple words. So, he apologizes to Aysegul and requests her to stay but she leaves, leaving Can and us viewers equally brokenhearted.


This drama gets me hooked after every episode. I just feel that Elif and Murat should be kicked out of this story soon.

Shabana Mukhtar