Kahin Deep Jaley | Cast & Characters



The drama is based on Qaisera Hayat’s novel of the same title. Although, the plot line is changed for screen adaptation, majority of the story remains same.

Channel: HAR PAL GEO

Produced By: Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi

Production House: 7th Sky Entertainment

Director: Saima Waseem

Writer: Qaisera Hayat

The Original Sound Track is unmistakebly Sahir Ali Bagga. I have started to recognize his voice and his music, thanks to Coke Studio 🙂 

Cast and Characters

Looking at the big names in cast, we know there are going to be some interesting characters. 

Rida & Family

Neelam Muneer as Rida

She is the youngest of the family. Having three older brothers has not spoiled her, not one bit. She is sweet, loving and caring.


Saba Faisal as Khadija, Rida’s mother

As a widow, she has raised her children alone. She is positive, keeps balance and has nurtured a loving family. Her only fear is that nothing should happen to her family. Too bad, mama, cuz the daughter-in-law you have chosen is everything but loving.


Ali Abbas as Faham

Faham is the eldest son. 


Hammad Farooqui as Hatim

Hatim returns from America after doing his masters. He is a fitness freak and has a short temper. He easily gets angry when it comes to Rida. In all other cases, he is shown to control his anger and calm himself. For instance, he resolves the dispute between Zeeshan and boss, twice.


Syed Areez as Asim, Rida’s youngest brother


Zeeshan & Family

Imran Ashraf as Zeeshan

Zeeshan is a heir of ‘karoRoN ka business’. He is shy, talks less, and has a lot of self-respect. Also, he is shown to reminisce the glories of the past too frequently. He often comes across as hypersensitive and emotional. I think he can easily be manipulated.

Imran Ashraf as Zeeshan
Imran Ashraf as Zeeshan

Saba Hameed as Zeeshan’s mother

She is one of the many unnamed characters of the story. Her on screen persona is always referred to as Maa ji. She has seen good times, but the times have changed and she has adapted to it well. 

As Zeeshan’s late father Rahman

As Zeeshan's late father Rahman
As Zeeshan’s late father Rahman

Shehzad Mukhtar as Zeeshan’s Mama

Zeeshan’s unnamed Mamu. He is Maa Ji’s brother. Rehman and Mrs Rehman have helped him in the past. He takes it upon him to repay the favour. He stands by them when they are facing turbulent times. He offers them to stay in his other house.


Farah Nadeem as Zeeshan’s Mami

Zeeshan’s unnamed Mami. Unlike typical sister-in-law, she is a nice woman and is willing to help Zeeshan and his mother. What a welcome surprise!


Shameela & Family

Nazish Jahangir as Shameela

Shameela is Faham’s fiance and picky about every little thing. She has a bad temper and a sharp tongue. She is greedy, an obsessive liar and jealous by nature. Nothing I say here can summarize the evil person she is.


Nida Mumtaz as Rehana

Shameela mother, Rida’s khala


Hasan Noman as  Salman

Shameela’s brother


Madiha Rizwi as Nayla

Nayla is Shameela’s cousin sister in law & Salman’s wife. although she never hesitated to bicker and argue with Shameela, something tells me that she has good intentions at heart.


Rushna & Family

as Rushna, Rida’s best friend


Ali Ansari as Tauqeer

Rushna’s brother


Beena Chaudhry as Rushna’s mother


Parting Thoughts

Did you notice something? A few characters are still not named. Poor exposition in that regard. How would the reviewer refer to those characters? I mean… Poora na sahi, first name hi de diya hota. Maa ji, Rushna’s mother, Zeeshan’s Mama and Mami… Don’t they have existence of their own?

Also, we don’t know their surnames. Just saying!

Next, I will post the reasons I am watching this drama. Stay tuned!

Shabana Mukhtar