Kahin Deep Jaley | Episode 12 | Wedding Preps Are On

Cast and Characters


This episode begins as Shameela complains about her in-laws with with Rehana.

Shameela is like a chamaleon. One instant she’s bitching about them and the next instant she veils her poisonous thoughts and lies about her true feelings, only to impress her husband. Baqi jayeN bhaad meiN.

Zeeshan and Rida talks over phone. Rida, being a good girl, asks him to wait until they get married. That’s how girls should be. Zeeshan comes across like an intense and slightly obsessive ashique.

In another family meeting, Khadija announces her decision to marry off Rida. I like the scene and I love the colour coordination.
The dates are fixed. Khadija talks to Rida and Rida understands her well.

Shameela is on another gossiping spree and Rida overhears it. Shameela interrupts just in time and Rida cannot tell Faham the truth. Why did you stop, Rida?

Khadija sees Rida upset and Rida is about to tell the truth but Shameela walks in and for whatever reason, Rida keeps quiet, again. Shameela later fools Rida by showing her great acting skills.

Zeeshan calls Rida but she doesn’t pick up, so they communicate over voice message and text message. Zeeshan knows that something is wrong with Rida. Uff, yeh dil ka connection!

اپنا ذہن اور دل شیشے کی طرح صاف رکھنا۔

Zeeshan talks to his boss for a loan, 20 million. Kuch zyada nahin hai?


Imran Ashraf is a terrific actor and he is a chamaleon in truest sense. He has transformed from the ultra special Bhola to highly sophisticated Zeeshan.

Saba Faisal also plays her part perfectly as a sensitive and protective mother.

I hope that the drama isn’t as dark as the novel. I hope!

Let’s wait and watch. Don’t forget – Yeh Dil Mera Episode 7 review & Thora Sa Haq Episode 8 review is already posted.

Until next review, stay blessed.

Shabana Mukhtar