Kahin Deep Jaley | Episode 23 | Intolerable

Shameela has lost her mind as Faham is dead. Salman cannot tolerate her, nor does his wife. Why would they? Does Shameela deserve any better?

Tauqeer is upset that his plain and pure interest in Rida has caused mayhem in Rida’s life, and subsequently many others. He plans to talk to Zeeshan, hoping to fix things.

It doesn’t work, of course. Maa ji and mami are still hopeful that Zeeshan will change his mind and bring Rida back.

Salman meets Khadija to discuss Shameela. As Nayla doesn’t want Shameela in her house, he requests that Khadija accept her back in her house.

Rida is pregnant and is hospitilized. Why is Khadija celebrating? Does she hope the unborn baby will fix the situations? Naïve!

And, no, Shameela hasn’t changed in all these episodes. Asim and Hatim don’t even look at Rida.

Zeeshan momentarily celebrates the news before remembering that a doctor told him that he cannot be a father. What a load of crap! Why do reports get swapped in pathology labs?

That’s the review. I have stopped reviewing this drama past episode 15 but this episode played after I finished watching Pyar Ke Sadqay Episode 6.

Saba Faisal is charming, a welcome change from her vampire role in Thora Sa Haq.

This drama is still loud, over dramatic and unwatchable.

Shabana Mukhtar