Pyar Ke Sadqay | Episode 6

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Plot Summary & Review

Mansoora asks Abdullah to be nice to his wife, whoever she is. Our dude is still sure that he will be able to marry Shanzey.

Sarwar’s mother talks nonstop, lies constantly and brags without taking a breath. All the blame is on Mansoora. She is forced to fire Munshi.

Why is Gul e Rana so talented? And, adorable. Her portrayal of a wicked yet funny mother is spot on.


ساس کے لیے کچھ لائی نہیں؟ خود ہی آ گئیں خالی ہاتھ ہلاتی۔۔۔

Mahjabeen gathers 6400 rupees to buy trophies. Her only trusted friend Nilo (who charged Mahjabeen to making her Facebook account, ahem) tries to smartly deal with the shopkeeper but Mahjabeen is Mahjabeen. She doesn’t let her say a word and let her waste her money for buying 8 trophies.

Back home, her parents are worried about wedding’s arrangements. Nilo is still frowning after the humiliation she had faced in the shop but is happy for her friend.

Our heroine doesn’t even know the meaning of “گود ہری ہونا” and doesn’t know how to apply the make-up. Cute, huh?

Hammad flirts a little with Nilo. I am guessing he will marry Nilo when things don’t work with Mahjabeen. Greed being one of the

Jhoot ke pair nahin hote. So Mahjabeen blabbers to justify why all the trophies are related to sports. I love that Nilo is seen to “lapeto” as Mahjabeen gives fake speech. That entire scene is hilarious and you should watch it, NOW.

Mansoora and Sarwar starts arguing in front of Abdullah, upsetting him more. Mansoora also requests him to clear Munshi’s dues but he is still arrogant. This time, Mansoora gets the upper hand.

بیوہ بن کر کئی سال گزارے ہیں۔ طلاق کا دھبہ بھی سہہ لوں گی۔

Omair Rana and Ateeqa Odho both look gorgeous. Don’t they?

Can’t wait for the next episode.


Shabana Mukhtar