Mere Paas Tum Ho | Episode 22 | Second Last Episode & It Drags

Rumi continues to talk like adults and it isn’t cute anymore. I mean, the kid is still adorable and is doing a fabulous job with his role but it doesn’t feel right that he is delivering these big words at such young age. And, IRL, if kids do this, it’s annoying AF.

Mehwish decides to leave Ayesha and Salman’s house. She acts a bit crazy and goes on and on about how she’ll spend the rest of her life. Although the scenes are written in beautiful words in typical Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar style, it fails to leave any impact.

Maham is treating Shahwar like a puppet, reminding him of his newly degraded status repeatedly. He isn’t happy about it but what choice does he have?

This episode drags, draaaaaaaaags. Mehwish remembers everything about Danish and Rumi and repents and regrets. Enough already!

Monty is a changed man now and he visits Mehwish with his wife. They eat together, he vows to protect her like a bother (from now on). And, she asks him to talk to Danish and convince him to meet her. Uff, again!

Monty’s wife has a small role but I was so happy to see Anoushey Abbasi as Ifra. I also remember Ayeza Khan and her have worked together in Tootey Huye Parr as sisters. That was the first Ayeza Khan drama.

Anywho, the whole discussion about maafi Vs bewafai ki sazaa repeats itself, this time between Ifra and Monty.

Ifra tells Mehwish a wazeefa so Danish would agree to meet her. That’s where the episode ends.

That’s the review. What did you think of this episode?

Shabana Mukhtar