Mushk | Episode 11

Let’s review the eleventh episode of Mushk.

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Roshni’s baraat is at the doorstep, and Roshni is buying time redoing the eye makeup repeteadly. Enters Guddi with an excuse so Zulekha will leave Roshni alone. Zulekha doesn’t cave easily, but we all know she will concede so Roshni can runaway. To make things more dramatic, chhota Malik comes to see her along with Munna to bid final goodbyes. Awnnn!

Thank goodness for Guddi’s practical and selfish moves, she makes sure that Roshni elopes.

Roshni isn’t the only one to escape.

Mrs Khan insists on knowing everything that Shayan has suffered. She learns that Khan threatens to kill Shayan’s nephews if he doesn’t marry . She encourages Shayan to run away. And, he does.

The other couple is simply sitting next to each other as Mahek worries about Shayan and Shahmeer. Bahen, just think about Adam for once, no?

As Guddi enjoys her victory, Zulekha breaks down. The flashback was unnecessary, though. Or was it a reminder to justify what Guddi has done.

Rana hatches a plan so nobody can blame Zulekha for Roshni’s disappearance – a fake wife.

Roshni and Saquib are at the railway station, waiting for their onward journey and they run into quli (Qavi Khan). His character is still unnamed and it isn’t clear what his role is.

Shayan goes straight to a police station. Nad move, I’d say. Muqaddar Khan would certainly have contacts with the SHO, don’t you think?

Love the dialogues, especially how Zulekha expresses her pain.

Shabana Mukhtar