Ghisi Piti Mohabbat | Episode 12 | ARY Digital

Episode 12 of Ghisi Piti Mohabbat is here. Let’s review it.

Asmara refuses to marry Shoaib because of bad breath. The entire family tries to knock some sense into her, but she’s adamant. That conversation repeats several time, making it more annoying.

Shoaib has serious bad breath issue as his colleagues also make fun of him. Abul Hassan looks dashing, no?

Asmara finally confronts hm, but as a typical man

Khalil and her mother Nafeesa Sherwani, uff, their conversation makes my blood boil. He tells his mother that he wants to marry a young girl, half his age. Nafeesa calls Samia, talks in riddles. Again, that conversation makes me roll my eyes. Nobody talks like that IRL.

I like the confrontation between Samia and Nafeesa. Her taunts don’t go well with Khalil and Nafeesa. Now, Khalil wants to avenge the insult. He brings loads of stuff and says he wants to marry Fareeda. What the?

The recap of Samia’s first marriage was totally, unnecessary, by the way.

Best line (and I don’t agree with it)

بیٹیاں جب کمانے لگتی ہیں تو بیٹوں کی طرح ڈرانے لگتی ہیں۔

Until next review, stay safe!

Shabana Mukhtar