Mushk | Episode 14

Let’s review the fourteenth episode of Mushk.

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Guddi is now running salt to Zulekha’s wounds. She is also asking Mahek for one lakh rupees which Mahek does not have. Mahek is so tame, especially against Guddi’s strong character, Mahek is just meh.


Rana is literally dancing to Guddi’s tunes. She orders him to come to haveli to meet. Rana is right in the middle of an operation but he leaves the operation for Guddi. 

Adam is trying hard to get to Roshni. He already knows Ruby’s address and uses his connections to meet Ruby. It isn’t hard for him to notice what kind of woman she is. Yes, Adam is the special guest Ruby entertains, and guess who she chooses for Adam? 

Yep, Roshni!

Will he be able to rescue Roshni? 

Kudos to Riza Talish for his portrayal of a devastated helpless younger brother. 

Shabana Mukhtar