Mushk | Episode 16

Let’s review the sixteenth episode of Mushk.

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Adam is trying to untie his hands so he could find a way to escape but Ruby enters just then to show us just terrible an actor she is. I mean, to deliver some nicely written and poorly delivered dialogues. Ruby does not meaning of subtle.

Subtlety, we see when Mahek and Guddi are asleep. While Mahek is holding shahmeer’s hand, Guddi is also holding his other hand. Awnnn! And we all thought Guddi has a heart of stone.

Guddi continues with her mission. She orders Rana to give Ahmad Malik new medicines to he will get well soon.

The girl who’s tied with Adam, let’s call her Reshma, does not untie his hands but goes to inform Ruby. But wait. She takes Ruby’s jewellery, phone, laptop, money and Adam’s pistol. Now she’s helping. The escape scene was short and without any drama. Thank goodness! I don’t like when scenes are elongated unnecessarily.

Adam drops Reshma at the bus stop and now heading home. Guddi learns about it and is devastated. She is emotional for the first time, because her plans are incomplete.

Masooma is not allowed to go to school and her nikaah date is fixed,.just waiting for Khan’s Peer Sahab. But wait, Shayan runs away, again.

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Shabana Mukhtar