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Chapter 2 – Ranting Woman



13th April 2020, 02:14 HOURS

“Go Corona, Go,” scares the Coronavirus.

Not for me. “Go, Corona” is not a chant to rid of Corona. It is to laud the change it has brought – for reminding us of the basics; for teaching us to be socially responsible; for making us follow rules; for forcing us to understand “me time” and “my space;” for maintaining social distance.

The doctors, bankers, cleaners are doing a tremendous job by risking their lives and continuing to do their work to serve us.

But are people taking it seriously?


My neighbours still have guests over for dinner every night and they howl like dogs whilst they enjoy their guests’ company. Some people never change. Indians never change, we are like dog’s tails that refuses to straighten up. Of course, the police are manning the roads. They cannot appoint a police officer to monitor individual buildings.

The kids from my building play with each other for hours. I mean, I am not denying some fun time for those toddlers, but young kids and old folks (like me) are more vulnerable to this virus, no?

We break rules during a strict curfew. Imagine what we will do once the lockdown is over. I strongly feel that we are not understanding the gravity of this situation.

Some people claim that these tough times will make Indians emerge as a more empathetic nation. With all due respect, that is not going to happen. This urban, so-called educated public is aching to party. Right now, the lockdown has forced them to curb their social life. Once things are open, people will be on the streets like lunatics. They will party more, shout more, celebrate more.

It scares me. For what it is worth, this lockdown has brought a temporary period of relative calm. I enjoy it immensely. The selfish part of me wants the lockdown to extend for a couple of weeks. The staggering economy be damned. The economy was not flourishing anyway, right?

Just a few more days… weeks… months. OR, we Indians should learn the meaning of noise and the importance of being considerate towards fellow Indians.

Which option is better?




14th April 2020, 10:53 HOURS

I prayed that the lockdown should be extended. And, it has, till 3rd May 2020. If I knew my prayers would be answered, I would have asked for more.

This is funny, is it not? We pray for things and once those prayers are answered, we regret we should have asked for more, better, different.

Us humans are stupid! We never learn to live in the moment.


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