Pyar Ke Sadqay | Cast and Characters

Pyaar Ke Sadqay is a new Hum TV drama that is light and funny on the outside but promises to tackle a few serious topics. It is directed by Farooq Rind and Zanjabeel Asim Shah has penned the script.

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Cast and Characters

Yumna Zaidi as Mahjabeen 

A daydreamer who cannot concentrate on studies. There are a few things she likes -talks incessantly, dream infinitely and takes pangas.


Malik Raza as Munshi

Mahjabeen’s father. He loves his only daughter to death but also aware of her foolishness.


Salmna Hassan as Seema

Mahjabeen’s ever-frustrated mother. She constantly tries to keep her daughter in check. She doesn’t like Mahjabeen’s constant bickering and admonishes her to quit chatting. When Mahjabeen does not listen, Seema often resorts to her patent line “kabhi kabhi kaanon ko aram chahiye hota hai.”

Bilal Abbas Khan as Abdullah Shahbaz

Abdullah is also a day dreamer, low of confidence and stammers. He is only good at mathematics but forced to study business administration. Atiqa Odho and are his parents. His father wants him to pursue MBA while being a mother z she sides with Abdullah. He is close to his aunt.

Ateeqa Odho as Mansoora Shahbaz

Abdullah’s mother. A rich widower who remarried for she needed someone to support her in business and give her a foothold in society.


Omair Rana as Sarwar

Gold-digger in short, who has long-term plans for marrying Abdullah’s mother. He married her when Abdullah was merely 12 years old. He treated him like a puppet and his overbearing and strict nature has turned Abdullah into a perpetually confused man with no self-confidence.


Gul e Rana

Sarwar’s mother

Srha Asghar as Washma Shahbaz

Abdullah’s younger sister. She’s the only who knows the real face of Sarwar.

Sharmeen Ali

Abdullah’s phupo

Yashma Gill as Shanzey 

Abdullah’s classmate and crush. She seems to have no backstory so far, except that she likes making tik-tok videos, argh!

Khalid Malik as Dr Hammad

The guy who’s proposal has come for Mahjabeen. They also get engaged.

Khalid Anam as Mr Malik

Shanzey’s arrogant father. 


Mahjabeen’s not-so-loyal friend. Read the review of episode 6 and episode 8 to know more.

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  1. Anjum Ara Saiyed says:

    What role does Afshan Zafar play in this drama and in Mujhe Wida kar??? Please answer dijiyega.

  2. Oh, do you mean the last scene of episode 8?

  3. Kadija Vawda says:

    Pyaar ke sadqe. 8
    What was that about? Sach nahi the or something. Before Abdullah goes to the washroom???