Pyar Ke Sadqay | Episode 14 | Creepiest Episode Ever

Hello and good evening to all the people in self and/or forced qurantine. It is time to review Episode 14 of Pyar Ke Sadqay, once my favourite drama, and rapidly descending. The content is still engaging. I just cannot handle so much of cringe-worthy content.

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So, Mansoora kicks Munshi out of his house. If it wasn’t enough, Sarwar instigates him. Munshi grabs his collar but Mansoora interferes again. Would Munshi take his daughter back to his home? I think he should.

Sarwar lures Mansoora by being over-romantic and the woman falls for his fake romanticism.

This episode has the cringiest scene of Pyar Ke Sadqay so far. Sarwar grabs her from behind, harasses her but she runs away. She may be dumb but the girl can read bad intentions.

And the cutest scene between Mahjabeen and Abdullah that follows sort of compensates. Sarwar lies about Munshi being sick and takes Mahjabeen with him on the pretext of dropping her. She doesn’t want to go with him but Abdullah cannot go against his dad.

We can see that Mahjabeen is upset that Abdullah is spineless. We are back to being cringy as Sarwar takes her out for lunch, lecherously praises her beauty and our heroine just doesn’t understand. Wait, a moment ago I felt that she has understood Sarwar. Ladki itni bhi bewaqoof na ho. At least her parents know what all Sarwar has done. Seema teaches her a basic lesson – don’t let Sarwar touch you.

There is a very long funny scene between Mahjabeen and Seema that brings some respite.

Mansoora arrives at the office and is terribly upset to see Abdullah working like an average clerk. She orders to open Shahbaz’s office. Chalo, something good came out of it. Sarwar has prepared a fake file that proves Munshi has cheated their company.

The episode ends as Mahjabeen stupidly mistakes her nausea as “good news”.

I saw a thumbnail of a Pakistani gossip channel which said “Sarwar isn’t a villain.” How? I don’t get it. Non-villain roles are not this awful.


Shabana Mukhtar