Pyar Ke Sadqay | Episode 20

It is time to review the latest episode  of Pyar Ke Sadqay, episode 20, that aired on June 4, 2020. Today is my college classmate Swati’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Swati. Right, as if she is reading my blog. Poh!

Kaise hain aap log? Let’s begin, shall we? 

So, Mahjabeen had confessed her love but Abdullah is unperturbed because he is thinking/dreaming about Shanzey now. She tells him that she would want to transform herself, modern clothes so he would give her attention. Awnnn!

Shanzey calls Abdullah, orders him to come over for dinner. Would Abdullah understand her bossy nature?

Munshi comes to meet Abdullah to advocate for Mahjabeen. Watch Malik Raza as a helpless father begging for his daughter’s happiness. Abdullah promises that he wouldn’t leave Mahjabeen. A shallow promise, one can say, because he has Sarwar to brainwash him, and manipulate him.

Abdullah is distracted during dinner. Shanzey is used to get all the attention so even the slightest disinterest irks her. Again, because she is habituated to getting her way; she insists that he talks to his parents immediately. Abdullah agrees but can he decide? Could he take a decision, take a stand? Will Mansoora let him marry Shanzey?

Gul-e-Rana appears again as a manipulative mother. The way she says “Aye Munney” is so hilarious.

This episode has only one funny scene when Mahjabeen sprains her ankle. I like how Mahjabeen never learned school lessons but recalls everything that her mother taught about how to treat her husband. Love it!

“Don’t leave me,” she says. “Report card mein bhi anda, zindagi mein bhi anda.” Does she know that Abdullah is planning to marry Shanzey? She literally begs him to keep her with him, to never leave her, and he does promise. Again, A shallow promise. 

Abdullah cannot believe that a woman can love him.  After a long an irritating scene with Shanzey, he tells her that he cannot marry Shanzey because he cannot leave Mahjabeen and because he loves Mahjabeen. Huh? Itna aasaan?

“I refused Shanzey, for you.” Bilal Abbas is great in that scene. 

Will he be able to keep his promises or Sarwar play with his emotions again?

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