Pyar Ke Sadqay | Episode 29

It is time to review the latest episode of Pyar Ke Sadqay, episode 29, that aired on August 6, 2020.

Let’s repeat the question that has annoyed me for a week – how the hell did Mahjabeen get pregnant?

Sarwar brings his secret weapon to “win” Mahjabeen – Shanzey.  Yes, I know I began the review of previous episode with the exact same line. I repeat the words because the trope is repeated. Sarwar calls Shanzey, tells her Abdullah arrived late last night and has left early this morning. Shanzey is all charged. Abhi woh Abdullah to pareshan karegi.

Every time Mansoora and Lalarukh talk, I wait that Mansoora will confront Sarwar, but no, she doesn’t believe in loud confrontations. She’s subtle. She simply announces the “good news”

آپ دادا بننے والے ہیں۔

Finally, when Sarwar calls Abdullah “loser” for the millionth time, he recalls EVERYTHING, every scene with Mahjabeen.

Mansoora meets Mahjabeen and one phone call to Sarwar reveals the truth. Wait didn’t she know already? She tells Abdullah to “be doubtful about Sarwar”. Let the games begin.

I stand corrected. She reminds Sarwar that he is nothing and Abdullah is the “boss”. Good riddance! 


Wait, there’s more. She sends out a legal notice that Sarwar has nothing to do with their business; and that she’s filing for a divorce. Too much, too fast!

Let’s discuss the best and the second best scene now.

Best Scene

When Mahjabeen says she doesn’t want her baby to take after her. Seema says if it does, it will help Mahjabeen realize how she felt her entire life raising an adamant child like Mahjabeen.

Second Best Scene

When Abdullah assumes boss’s position and asks for Munshi’s audit files.

Before I sign off

Time really has stopped for Atiqa Odho. She’s gorgeous and has not changed since I saw her in Humsafar.

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