Pyar Ke Sadqay | Episode 7

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Plot Summary & Review

With Mansoora openly telling Sarwar that she’s ready to live without him, Sarwar is forced to reconsider his position and standing – NOTHING, that’s what he is.

Mansoora is puzzled about the reason that Sarwar is pissed off at Munshi. But, she brings a 10 lakh rupees for Mahjabeen’s wedding.

Washma forces Abdullah to sign papers to get admission in some other college. I like that girl. She’s feisty and a complete contrast to Abdullah’s meek personality.

Munshi meets Washma and phupho to give the invitation. Munshi doesn’t tell them that he’s fired but they sense the problem nonetheless.

In her trademark casual style, she promises Abdullah to marry him if he cannot get Shanzey. Awnnn! Prophecy… It doesn’t affect Abdullah as much as her repeated name-calling. She calls him bawla. Irony, because she herself is super-bawli.

True to my predictions, Hammad is more interested in Mahjabeen’s friend Nilo.

Abdullah and family meet Shanzey, hoping to convince her for Abdullah but she says: he is too innocent.

And the episode ends on Abdullah’s astonished face.

I haven’t understood how and why Abdullah and Mahjabeen are so friendly but I simply adore the simplicity of their friendship. Also, I love this drama depicts Abdullah’s and Washma’s bond with Munshi.


Shabana Mukhtar