Qarar | Episode 17

So, Ammar’s ancestral home is sold. But Nani drops the bomb on Maya. “This house was a shared property of Ammar and Junaid. The money should be distrobuted in both, equally,” she says. The next scene is a melodramatic and loud one. Maya has twisted Nani’s words and tells Junaid some made-up shit. It is too much for old Nani who is out to get water. She drops the glass and falls unconcious. Now, Nani is hospitalized, and nobody knows the reason. Fareeha, Ammar, Rana, Siraj and Nadira are at the hospital but Junaid and Maya are not.  Later, Maya and Nadira are talking rubbish as usual, and Siraj overhears. Of course, he can do nothing but admonish his wife and his daughter. Maya doesn’t stop there. At the hospital, she is being typical Maya. She tells Ammar to split the hospital bills. Junaid says nothing. I am so disappointed. I thought that Junaid would take a stand soon, but he is like a spineless man. In the cunning and evil character of Maya, we can see the brilliant writing of Aliya Bukhari. She has a way to feel for the characters – affection for the good ones, and the hatred for the negative ones. His characters are on extreme ends of the spectrum, though. Too good like Salaar and Ma’az in Deewar-e-Shab.  or two bad like Dildar Begum and Maya. Fareeha sells her jewellery, and Ammar doesn’t get his salary. This is just the beginning. Worse is yet to come. Sanam Jung is still acing her role as the mean girl Maya, and Rabab has the same expression throughout as perpetually confused Fareeha. Muneeb aka Ammar is always angry, and Meekal looks gorgeous as Junaid. His character is very awful, more awful than Maya. Maya is evil, but Junaid is just… So, that was the review of Qarar’s latest episode. And, another weekend comes to an end. Sigh! Until next review, stay safe. Shabana Mukhtar PS: Do read my romantic comedy Once upon a Crush. If you are a voracious readers, you might like the other books, too. Check out my Amazon Author page.