Qismat | Episode 22 | Soha Rejects Rayan, Again

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At hotel, two overfriendly aunties talk to them and Rayan plays along, irking Soha (or giving her more hope?) As they spend more time together, the awkwardness diminishes and we can sense romance in the air.

Nasir learns that Soha is taking care of Rehab and he is now regretting his actions. Rasheda is also rethinking her actions and reconsidering her words.

In a cold night, Soha and Rayan go out for tea. On the way back, he asks Soha to be with him. Soha replies: “it isn’t in our fate.”

Waleed takes Shafaq out for lunch and tells her that he doesn’t want to marry her. That’s where the episode ends.

I love the hotel, by the way. Very posh, elite, unlike the ones we stayed in during Umrah.

Until next time, Allah Hafiz.

PS: please excuse formatting issues, posted from phone.

Shabana Mukhtar