Pyar Ke Sadqay | Episode 1 | A Promising Start of a Bitter Sweet Tale

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Plot Summary & Review

Pyaar Ke Sadqay begins with introducing its nalayaq, nikamme and daydreamer protagonists – Mahjabeen and Abdullah. Although, their reaction to their own failures is drastically different.

Belonging to a middle class family, Mahjabeen daydreams that she has topped her class, while in reality, she has barely managed to clear other subjects, except maths. She failed mathematics. She daydreams of succeeding and getting married.

Her mother Seema knows her daughter too well and does everything in her power to keep Mahajabeen in control. Their interaction is funny.

Bilal Abbas as Abdullah is also a day dreamer, low on confidence and stammers. He is only good at Mathematics but forced to study Business Administration. Sarwar, his step-father wants him to pursue MBA while being a mother, she sides with Abdullah. Abdullah is close to his aunt.

Shanzey Khan is one of the good students and Abdullah likes her, if only he had the guts to talk to her.

Munshi, Mahjabeen’s father works for Sarwar and is a loyal employee. It is a ritual that he brings Abdullah home every time he fails, to distract his mind.
Mahjabeen teases him relentlessly and calls him “bawla”. Abdullah walks out angrily. Boys has a heart, dammit!

I didn’t know Bilal Abbas could act so well. In some scenes, he reminded me of Imran Ashraf. And his smile is similar to Faisal Qureshi. Two people I adore. I don’t like comparing people with others but the resemblance was uncanny.

This drama is funny and some of the scenes had me laugh so hard, my eyes teared up. The characters are smartly cast and I cannot wait to see more of Bilal and Yumna in their eccentric characters.

Why Am I Reviewing It?

This is one of those surprises that YouTube brings for you. I simply played this clip as I was editing some other post. I had to stop, sit up and take notice. This is one of th funniest first episodes I have ever watched. Incidently, a couple of hours later, the second episode was also live. So, I thought, hey, might as well.

It has great comic value right now, even though it will certainly turn into a sob fest. Until then, I will keep watching the drama and you will keep coming for reviews.

See you in next review. Allah Hafiz.

Shabana Mukhtar