Qismat | Episode 21 | Boys Vs Mothers

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Soha and Rayan are in Islamabad for Rehab’s treatment. As luck would have it, there is only one room pre-booked and the hotel is fully packed. So, they agree to live in the same room. Awnnn!

Question: where would the nanny stay?

Being in Islamabad, their first outing together, reminds Soha of all her conversation with Maham.

Waleed’s in-laws are insistent on getting Shafaq and Waleed married asap. On the other end, Waleed goes to meet Soha again. Didn’t she kick him out earlier? Bada hi dhheet banda hai.

Soha is talking to Asiya and speaks her mind, without knowing that Rayan is standing a few inches away, listening to every word. Now, Rayan is torn. He knows that Soha wants to continue their relationship. And, he wants the same. The only problem? His mother, Rasheda. I just want to scream and tell him: “Be a man and just take a stand.”

Both mothers (Waleed’s and Rayan’s) are hell bent on getting the boys married and the boys aren’t just listening.

I like the scene when Asiya is praying. Namaz ke baad phoonk marna, janamaz teh karna etc is so real. I love it, rarely see it on screen.

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Until next time, Allah Hafiz.

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Shabana Mukhtar