Qismat | Episode 20 | Quite Tiring to Watch

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Rayan offers to go with Soha to distribute food among poor, impressing Soha even further. Dude, she’s already smitten. Don’t be too nice, coz your mother ain’t gonna like it.

The long shot shows them having a casual conversation and you just know that someone’s watching them. Guess who? Waleed… What the eff was he doing there? It is too coincidental. Can’t buy it.

Soha recalls all the cute moments where Rayan takes care of her. This girl is falling in love. On the other hand, Rasheda is after Rayan to get married to a girl of her choice. Almost all the characters are stereotypes but Rasheda is a notch higher. She has a one tone life and dialogues.

“Main aisa nahi hone dungi.”

“Uss ladki ko yahan se jana hoga.”

I will reiterate my complaint again – please don’t repeat the scene in flashback moments after we’ve seen it live. Abhi scene hua abhi repeat kar diya…. Hadd hai…

Soha overhears Rasheda’s conversation with Rayan where she’s trying to convince him for getting married.

Soha’s mother is still hopeful that Soha will get the place she deserves but Soha clarifies that Rayan will soon get married. I like Soha’s line.

باپ اور شوہر کے سہارے سے بڑا اللہ کا سہارا ہوتا ہے۔

Waleed is still unhappy and isn’t talking to his fiancé, making his sister curse Soha. I wonder how easily people curse others for their good life.

I like how Rayan stands up for Soha. On surface he claims to be only friends with her but we can see he still loves Soha. Anywho, Rasheda takes out her wrath on Soha, because it is easier to hit on the easier targets.

Thankfully, the girl that he meets is smart and open-minded and understands his situation.

Rehab gets sick and it turns out that her treatment isn’t possible in Pakistan. They decide to take Rehab to Islamabad to meet a child specialist. Now, since Shabbeer isn’t well, Rasheda can’t leave him alone. Rayan offers to take Rehab alone… But finally, Soha accompanies him.

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Shabana Mukhtar