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Mohabbat Ho Bhi Sakti Hai by Mrs Sohail Khan




The beauty queen, our heroine. She is studying fashion designing.

Zuhair Thangal

Billionaite bad boy, our hero

Plot Summary & My Commentary

Asna is forced to marry her step mom’s nephew, Zuhair. Zuhair argues with her on the first night. They live like strangers. Our bold heroine confronts her in-laws and they tell the story.

Zuhair is a rotten kid and doesn’t pay attention to family business. He also wanted to marry someone when he was in Australia.

The main conflict is a misunderstanding between the couple planted by Asna’s step mom. She hated Asna since the beginning and it is her way of avenging. Zuhair cannot resist the charm of our bold and beautiful heroine for long, though.

Asna takes over the reigns of family business, because our heroine is always educated and skilled enough to do anything that comes her way. Zuhair, on the other side, keeps galavanting and spending money on his so-called-friends.

Zuhair asks her for big amount of money, because she has more control over his money, wow! It mmkes her suspicious of his intentions. Asna is broken hearted when she spots Zuhair with another girl – his said ex-girlfriend from Australia.

Of course, in the end we find out that bad boy had repented and had asked for money to pay his college fee. And, that he was only helping his ex-girlfriend for something unimportant.

 I just felt that this story was more about Kerala and its culture and less about the characters and their stories. The conflicts were not as surprising as you would expect ’em to be.

Also, there-is-another-girl-in-his-life is almost overused in all of Sohail Khan’s stories, meh!

Alright, that’s my review. Thanks for stopping by.

Happy reading!
Shabana Mukhtar

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