Drama Review: Ranjha Ranjha Kardi – Episode #31

Finale Episode, woo hoo!

The last episode reiterates that nobody should be between Allah and banda when we ask from Him. And we should ask only from Allah. The conversation between Noori and Fehmeeda, well, more like a monologue was really nicely written and executed. Well done! We need that change in Muslim society.

So, Noori refuses to give her unborn child to peer sahab’s dargah. She had promised Fehmeeda as a daughter, but the mother in her cannot allow that to happen to her child, can she?

Nusrat sees the real face of Sahir, thanks to the tape that Noori brings of her conversation with Sahir where Sahir talks about his plans to send Nusrat to jail and what not. Rizwana and Komal overhear the conversation. They are not as bothered about Sahir, of course, but Nusrat’s ugly face has caused them real shock, and disgust, if I may add.

Rizwana is not bad at heart. I have been telling you since the beginning. She was only a bit greedy, is all. She condemns Nusrat when she finds out the truth.

Just when you feel that all is well, Sahir poisons Fehmeeda’s mind. This is where Komal and Rizwana come to rescue; bringing about the truth that Noori did to save Bhola, herself, Komal and the family.

Noori gives birth to a baby boy. Bhola is recovering fast. We see bits of Imran Ashraf on screen, finally.

Lo ji, kahani khatam, paisa hazam. Jaiye ghar, baad mein dusri kahani sunati hoon.

What do you feel about this episode?


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