Review: The revenant – Remembering the movie

There are two types of movies. Good ones and bad ones, obviously.

Wait, there is another way I categorise the movies. The ones that stay with you, and others that don’t. There are movies that people like, and remember nothing about. There are movies that people hate, but it stays with them, one way or the other.

One such movie is “The Revenant”.

The movie is chilling and freezing, both literally and figuratively; and it stayed with me. It looks spectacular. It takes you to that world. Incidentally, I have been to Rockies, Alberta. A brief 3 days stay in Lake Louise, with a temperature of -24 degrees celsius. All those came running back to my memory.

It is intense. What I liked in particular is the sine wave of momentum. There will be an extremely tense scene, followed by tranquility. The entire movie is so glued to my mind that it is difficult to pick one scene. Yet, my favourite scene is when Glass and the other man is eating raw meat, looking at each other hungrily, all guarded and alert of possible attacks. One more scene which flashes in my memory is when Glass sleeps in horse carcass.

Awesome movie, and exceptional performance. Much deserved oscar for DiCaprio.

Shabana Mukhtar

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