Sabaat | Episode 4


Please read about the cast and characters before you read the review. Previous episodes’ reviews can be found here.

Alright, let’s begin the review of the latest episode of Sabaat.

Plot Summary

Anaya and her friends tie up Afsheen to teach her a lesson. Afsheen promises to keep her mouth shut. Let’s see how long that lasts. This scene tells us one thing – that Anaya is not the same old “forgiving” heroine. She does not hesitate to avenge if need be.

Meeral behaves rudely with Ali. Nirmal, her friend, notices her attitude but cannot convince Meeral to do otherwise.

Mrs Fareed wants to fulfil her duties and go to hajj. Fareed, on the other hand, thinks that she’s thinking too much.

Yasir Qureshi, the guy who had cheated, comes for taziyat and also apologizes for his mistake. Fareed doesn’t forgive. That scene is immediately followed by Fareed’s confrontation with Hassan. I like Hassan’s way of thinking. He doesn’t look good, but his character is solid. The writer has put a lot of effort on his character.

Meeral is now going through her grandmother’s diaries. She decides to join her father’s office.

Hassan and Anaya talk in the university bus. Later, Atif constantly reminds Hassan about his family name. Hassan, very casually talks about his plans to marry Anaya. Atif immediately calls Meeral for chugli. Uff Allah, yeh ladka.

I loved the library scene. The whole conversation was soft to remind us that they are in the library. LOVED it!

Sara Khan can be so annoying, I didn’t know. Mawra Hocane cannot be annoying and have a quiet composure, I didn’t know.

Shabana Mukhtar

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