Shehnai | Episode 20

Written update and review and rant and whatever

Hunain had charmed Bakht, and Absar. Bakht is so stupid that she believes every lie that Hunain says. You have been dumped by this dude once. Even if Meerab was not a good guy, you shouldn’t be trusting Hunain. 


Meerab is so heartbroken that be decides to return to London. Except, he conveniently runs into Hunain’s father. His father very graciously agrees to tag along and clear things up with Bakht.


That smirk on his face tells us more than he lets on. 

Yep, he takes a U-turn when confronted with Bakht and Absar. Meerab is so pissed…  Poor guy!

Also, everyone is wearing white in this episode. Meerab, Absar, Hunain, Rafey, Beena… A white themed day, huh?