Shehnai | Episode 21

Written update and review and rant and whatever

So, Hunain and his father both are crooks. Stupid Bakht thinks of them as saints and Meerab as an evil man.

I know, Meerab has done some bad things in the past but barring the few days he was totally under Samreen’s influence, he was always polite.

Bakht, on the other hand, constantly demeans Meerab. We, as audience, know just how evil Hunain is, but Bakht doesn’t see that. Fine, don’t see the fault in him if you are so good hearted but also see the good in Meerab, no?

anywho! Even Kifayat is now worried that he partnered with Hunain.

Meerab, being the super nice guy that he is, and super handsome, if I might add, talks to Bakht, on the terrace, again. Where is everybody when the two are talking?

I only watching now to bring this to a conclusion. This is one of the most annoying dramas ever. If I didn’t like Rafey so much, I would have stopped watching it already.