Taana Baana | Ramzan Special HUM TV Drama | Cast and Characters

Wait… How did I miss a new drama directed by Saife Hasan?

I adore Saifi bhai, whether it is his perfect portrayal of eccentric roles like Naheed in Ghisi Piti Mohabbat or that editor in Pyar Kahani or his small yet unforgettable Master Ibrahim in Alif; or his directorial work like Ehd-e-Wafa.

Let me stop going gaga about Saifi bhai and start the actual post.

Taana Baana is another Ramzan Special drama on Hum TV. The other one is Chupke Chupke. Check Chupke Chupke’s cast here.

Taana Baana is written by Hassaan Imam, directed by my favourite Saifi Hasan and produced by Momina Duraid Productions.

The bride and her family

Alizeh Shah as Zoya Salman Qamar

She was also part of Ehd-e-Wafa. I guess Saifi bhai liked her performance 🙂

I know I did.

She looks cute with short hair…

Zoya’s mother


Zoya’s sister, lives in London.

She also played Kashf’s sister Iram in Kashf. Doesn’t act well but who am I to comment on casting, huh?


Zoya’s sister, lives in Canada



Zoya’s sister, lives in Australia


The groom and his family

Daniyal Zafar as Zain

Too much into horoscopes. he’s pisces. He wants to do an arranged marriage because his horoscope suggest he would fall in love with his wife. Bhai waah!

Daniyal loves himself and it shows in all his pictures, even in this drama.

Javeria Abbasi

Zain’s mother


Zain’s father

Ismat Zaidi

Zain’s grandmother


Hassan Noman

Zain’s uncle. Too romantic.


Komal Rizwi

Zain’s chachi


Aamir Qureshi



Zain’s younger cousin. He looks exactly like Daniyal. Is he related? Just saying.



Zain’s parents want him to get married and have been selected a girl – Zoya. Zoya is reluctant to get married because she wants to study. Her mother, however, wants to be rid of her responsibilities and go on a world tour. Not literally a world tour. She just wants to visit her daughters in UK, Canada and Australia. They refer to London but it isn’t fair – one city and two countries.

So, off to watch the first episode and write the review.

Shabana Mukhtar