Chupke Chupke | HUM TV Ramzan Special Drama | Episode 11 Review



Haadi has appeared for another interview but he has no hopes. If that wasn’t enough to ruin his mood, he learns from Mirchi that Mishi has said about him. He confronts Mishi, yells at her, breaks her heart. 

Mirchi promises to keep it a secret and dutifully breaks her promises by telling Meenu. Thank goodness because now Mishi will have someone to help her love story.

Faazi is wooing his fiancée over phone and Gul hears the conversation. Haniya says, “Gul appa should ideally go to her house after we are married.” 


Gul has started a conspiracy. We don’t know much but it has something to do with haq-e-mehr. 

Waleed has stolen a significant amount from Kifayat’s piggy bank. He says he is writing down every time he steals from the piggy bank. It is still a theft, even if you sweetly give half the money to Meenu. 

We will see nikah ceremony in next episode. Everybody, wear a nice dress and be on your best behaviour.

Oh, and we see another product integration – Tang.

Best scene: 

Asma Abbas’s little speech to Haadi about how he should deal with the interviewer. What confidence and what swag! 


 Shabana Mukhtar


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