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You know how YouTube algorithm works. Once you watch a few videos from a channel, it starts showing more clips from the same channel. If you watch one trailer, it shows you more.

And last week it showed me two – Badshah Begum and Badzaat. I already posted about Badshah Begum, but Badzaat got pushed back because a) office work took most of my time. This remote working has blurred the boundaries of work-life balance. I work like all the time. And b) I wasn’t so sure if I would want to watch this drama.


Badzaat has me split, confused, unsure. And I have my reasons, hear me out.

Imran Ashraf, Love

I love, love, love Imran Ashraf. I have liked him ever since his role as Dastageer in Dillagi. His role as Azhar in Dil Mom Ka Diya, and then everything else barring Kahin Deep Jaley (what a mess that was–the drama and the novel, both, rolling eyes), he knows his shit and it shows. +1

Sehmi Heroine, Hate

And then there is Urwa who looks like a million bucks whether it’s Mehr in Amanat (one of her worst choices ever), or Saba Kareem in Parizaad, or Guddi in Mushk; she is gorgeous. I loved Guddi, I was in awe of Saba Kareem. But… Yes, there is a but. Her character in Badzaat looks like an extension of Mehr in Amanat–dari sehmi, dabi kuchli, nazron ko niche rakhne wali bachhi. -1

Chemistry of Lead Couple, Love

Imran Ashraf and Urwa Hocane won my heart in Mushk, and I’m sure this time around again they will impress us with  their chemistry. +1

Ali Abbas’s Choices, Hate

Ali Abbas’s is a terrific actor, like father like son. But lately his choices are just so meh. I saw him as older brother in Kahin Deep Jaley, and Samia’s third husband in Ghisi Piti Mohabbat, and then there was that drama where he was paired with Komal Meer, what a drag that was. I’m not sure I like his role in this drama. -1

Add GEO to the combo, Hate

And then lately I have started to notice that Geo is an expert in taking a perfectly good concept and ruin it. This might be another Kahin Deep Jaley for Imran Ashraf and Ali Abbas. This might be another Amanat for Urwa. -1

What’s the overall score now? Lemme see… -1.


Unless this drama airs on a day that has some breathing room, I might let it go.

What do others feel about this teaser?


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So long!

Shabana Mukhtar

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  1. Yeah, you’re right. Come to think of it, most of her novels also have cousin romance.

  2. liza says:

    yeahhh.. but i hope this time she doesn’t do a love story between cousins hahaha… i’m quite tired of cousin romance already. i hope at least one of the 2 will break this formula but tbh i have a feeling she won’t

  3. I understand of course 😛

  4. Wow! That’s a lot to look forward to. Saima Akram knows how to write a rom-com, so those two will be good, i guess. Paristan, I heard about it on Arsalan’s channel. I looooove him as a content creator, and he does well as an actor. I guess Ramzan will be busy this year.

  5. liza says:

    junaid khan ahaha not hun aid oops.. typo xD

  6. liza says:

    ji they did.. actually 3 (same as last year)… 2 on hum tv and 1 on geo..

    hum tum on hum tv (written by saima akram chaudry, directed by danish nawaz) with ahad raza mir, ramsha khan, sarah khan and hun aid khan (it’s a star studded cast) apparently ahad will be romancing both sarah and ramsha and i’m more excited for his jori w sarah than ramsha ahahah

    paristan (idk who are the writer and director tbh) also on hum tv with arsalan naseer and aymen saleem back together.. mira sethi, merub ali and junaid jamshaid is also part of the cast.. i’m most looking forward to junaid jamshaid’s character ahaha loving him in SEA

    last would be chaudry and sons (also written by saima akram chaudry and directed by wajahat hussain) on geo with ayeza khan and imran ashraf.. i’m actually excited for this couple. always loved the both of them hehe

  7. Oh, yeah, that’s also there. I will watch it only if it is something fun. Last year I didn’t watch Taana Baana, barring the first two episodes. Did they announce Ramzan drama already?

  8. Liza says:

    Don’t the ramzan plays start in April already?

  9. I did a quick math. 92 episodes of 40 mins each (which I will finish in 20 at 2X) comes down to 31 hours. That seems doable, maybe once offices start and I get to watch many things during commute time, I will give this a try. Schedules for April, then 😀

  10. liza says:

    yeah totally relate.. right now I have a week’s break so I’m just trying to binge as much as I can before uni reopens. and I just can’t stop.. I binged 10 eps today so far already ahaha. but again, if you find you are bored or something.. try watching it.. 🙂

  11. I will give it a try later. Abhi toh my hands are full… My sister also talked about it once, and I was so surprised, because she ain’t one to watch such a long series.

  12. liza says:

    actually you need to try watching rang mehal.. im actually at episode 30 and im so hooked.. idk i can’t put my finger on it but it’s so addictive and im surprised… geo’s non-prime time tv dramas have more content (better content and good story) I must say than their usual prime time dramas.. and the characters are surprisingly good.. and it’s not a saas-bahu drama for once for a soap series

    but i know 93 is too much but if you have the luxury of time then certainly give it a shot

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