Tere Bin | Episode 17


Tere Bin is a new drama on HAR PAL GEO (Well, it’s not that new). Here’s a snippet from Geo’s official YouTube channel.

Meerab is an ambitious and beautiful young girl who wants to pursue higher studies. Her entire world revolves around her parents and she believes in them the most. Her strong and confident personality makes her stand against social injustices around her.

On the contrary, Murtasim hails from a powerful and influential family. He respects and values the morals and traditions of his family and refuses to let the family down.

Meerab’s life takes an unexpected turn when she finds out about her family’s decision regarding her and Murtasim’s life. Meerab’s hatred towards Murtasim continues to grow as a family secret from the past resurfaces. Coming from different backgrounds and mindsets, Murtasim begins to realize Meerab’s arrogant behaviour towards him and begins to consider her a challenge for himself. On the other hand, Meerab who is used to living her life on her own terms refuses to accept Murtasim’s family traditions and unnecessary social barriers.

Soon their lives go through a series of emotional sufferings and misunderstandings where it becomes difficult for them to coexist. Despite their hatred towards each other, will Meerab and Murtasim accept their true feelings or will the dynamics of ego and self-respect force them to stay apart?

Writer: Nooran Makhdoom
Director: Siraj ul Haq
Producers: Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi
Production House: 7th Sky Entertainment

[Source: HAR PAL GEO’s official YouTube Channel]

So, here goes. Let’s meet the cast and characters first.

Tere Bin Episode 17 Written Update and Review

Bakhtu the driver gets hit by the bullet. He’s rushed to the hospital and Malik Zubair is taken by the police.

Murtasim comes home and blames everything on already guilty Meerub. Wahaj looks so stunning in that black salwar kameez, exhausted, worried, willing to even die for Meerub. He’s so in love…

Murtasim is ignoring Meerub and that doesn’t go well with Meerub. The scene could have been a bit longer for us to enjoy their chemistry, but…

Rohail and Saba meet Waqas and Aneela. Rohail lies that Meerub loves him. He repeats it so often that even Waqas starts to doubt Meerub. Wasn’t Haya enough as the obsessive one-sided lover that now we have Rohail as well?

Waqas meets Salma Begum and then Anwar. He ends up telling Anwar. This is so bizarre. Rohail’s lie has caused so much fervour. Somebody go and smash that guy’s face.


Am I sounding violant?

Anywho… Anwar trusts Meerub more than Waqas does. He is the only one who could think that Rohail would have lied.

Rohail is determined to meet Meerub at all cost. This would just be the last nail in the coffin. Murtasim is already pissed at Meerub. What will he do when he finds out about Rohail?


Back in the gaon, Malik Mukhtaar has sent a woman to work for Murtasim. Meerub isn’t happy about this but Murtasim isn’t even talking to Meerub. How could she change his mind?

And then there was that pool scene but it wasn’t as interesting as I had hoped. Also, there was zero romance in this episode so I didn’t enjoy it at all.

Also, this drama includes a new conflict and revolves it quickly without giving it time to linger in our minds. Accident hua, next moment sab thik; bandi kho gayi, mil bhi gayi; goli chali, koi aur Zakhmi hua… Aur ab phir ek accident hoga… Koi hadh hai ya basss?


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