Thora Sa Haq | Episode 12 | Uneventful and Dragged Episode

Let’s review 12th episode of Thora Sa Haq.


Rabia is in her full dayan mode as she talks rubbish to Seher. She doesn’t question Hareem. Hareem knew that Zamin is married. Why did she still say yes? Thankfully, Iftekhar asks that question. What does Hareem say?

Kyunki main Zamin se pyar karti hoon, papa.

Hareem dreams that Zamin has divorced her and overacts so much, you don’t feel sorry for her. Her scene with Seher is good, though. And, what’s with those bags under her eyes? 

Rafey has his own worries. He asks Zamin. “I was dying to Seher. Why didn’t you tell me?” Would you have listened to him and backed down? You creep! So, what does he do? Plot against Seher and Zamin, especially Zamin. Seriously, what a creep!

Seher decides to leave and Iftekhar agrees. In fact, there is a common concensus that Zamin should divorce Seher.

Why do I feel that Ayeza Khan is only on a side?

And, why I do want this drama to be over asap?

Shabana Mukhtar

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