Thora Sa Haq | Episode 13 | Seher Leaves the House

Let’s review 13th episode of Thora Sa Haq. It has finally begun to interest me.


Zamin is talking to Seher when Hareem walks in on. Even though she hears that Seher is ready to leave, Hareem talks shit to her.

Seher is now leaving but Rabia has more poison to spill. So, she drags Seher out (without her sandooq) and throws her to the ground. Zamin chases after her but can’t reach her on time.

Seher reaches her town, at her friend and neighbour Zoobiya’s place. We see a pleasantly surprised new face, a kind man, who might want to marry Seher in future. Zoobiya, the so-called-friend is rude to her. Why? What wrong has Seher done to her? Bas itni hi dosti?

It doesn’t end there. Zoobiya argues with her mother for Seher’s unannounced visit. Everybody has assumed that she’s a guest and will be there for a few days. Even Zoobiya’s father is unhappy.

Hareem is sort of losing her mind and it makes Rabia emotional. She says to Hareem: “You’ve been through so much at such young age.”

I have a question. Why don’t you feel the same for Seher? Bloody double standards.

Yes, I know it is fictional story based on fictional characters but the dual standards bothers me in real life, a LOT.

The episode ends as Zoobiya’s father sneakily comes near Seher, startling her and warning her that she can’t be there for long.

I must note that Mashal Khan as an obsessive compulsive disturbed wife was quite impressive. Her mood swings, her helpless manners, her demeanor – it makes you empathize with her.

That’s the review. Thanks for visiting. Keep coming back 🙂

Shabana Mukhtar

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